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10 Iconic Pizza Moments in Movies (and Television)

If movies are a reflection of reality then it’s no surprise that you see pizza popping up on the big screen more times than you can keep track of. There have been some unforgettable pizza moments in movies and on TV in the last few decades, most that celebrate the comforting grasp of that classic bread, cheese and sauce combo.


From comedies to dramas, blockbusters to cult classics, here are 10 monumental pizza moments in movies (and television) that solidify pizza’s status as the greatest food of all time.

Dude, Where’s My Car?

A stoner comedy like this needs requires at least one scene involving pizza, and this one is a classic. After stealing a stack of pizzas that they were meant to deliver, Jesse and Chester (Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott) get a visit from their boss to see what the problem was. Of course, the best place to hide the evidence is to stick it to the roof, so that’s what they do. The only questions is, when it falls down, will it still be ok to eat?

pizza in movies

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Ninja Turtles were the original pizza aficionados. What better way to finish off a day of fighting evil than polishing off an entire pizza with your three best mates? There are too many classic pizza scenes throughout the TMNT back catalogue to count, but this one sums the Turtles up perfectly.


Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is rife with metaphors that reflect the slow decent of Walter White from protagonist to antagonist, but there is one that was particularly poignant. Using the same black comedy motif that was present throughout the entire series, Walt throwing the large pizza on the roof – a violent act against something so symbolic of family unity – was moment where he was done. He’d lost his innocence. Heavy stuff.


Wayne’s World

Classic Mike Meyers – pure tongue-in-cheek, taking the mickey out of the movie industry. In Wayne’s World, Wayne makes it absolutely clear that he will not bow down any sponsorship endorsements, unless of course it’s Pizza Hut. Should’ve been Manoosh. Schwing.



A sitcom based in New York wouldn’t be right without pizza playing a central role. There are so many classic scenes in Friends where the characters could be seen eating an almost novelty-sized New York-style pizza – which is usually enough to get your stomach grumbling – but there was once scene where Joey absolutely nailed it.


Back 2 The Future

Coming in at # 2 in the list of Back-2-The-Future-things-that-we-wish-were-real (right after the hoverboard) is the dehydrated pizza. For those who don’t remember, the dehydrated pizza was the size of your hand, and only needed four seconds in the ‘oven’ before it rehydrated into a full-sized family pizza. Why this is not a thing yet, we still aren’t sure.

Saturday Night Fever

Lauded as the most famous bite of pizza ever. Is there anything cooler than John Travola in Saturday Night Fever, strutting his stuff with a mouth full of two pizza slices as he walks away from Lenny’s in Brooklyn with the Bee Gees playing in the background?

Crazy, Stupid Love

Ryan Gosling gives Travolta a run for his money in Crazy, Stupid Love though…

Home Alone

Pizza and Home Alone go hand in hand. The first Home Alone was essentially kickstarted by a pizza-related drama, with Kevin McCallister being sent to the attic when he gets into a fight with his family over a cheese pizza. It is here that his parents forget about him and leave for vacation. Without that debacle, this classic scene would have never happened.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Eating pizza in class; isn’t that the dream? You’ve got to give full marks to Jeff Spicoli in this iconic scene for pomposity. He almost gets away with it too, that is until his Mr. Hand puts his foot down before he even gets to take a bite. You’ve got to feel sorry for that face.

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