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5 Creative Pita Bread Recipes

Pita bread is the ultimate versatile food. You can stuff the pockets with pretty much anything and make yourself a delicious doughy snack.

If you’re tired of dipping pita bread into hummus and are on the hunt for some creative recipes, look no further. Here are 5 creative pita bread recipes:

Lebanese Pita Bread

Turn your pita bread into a Lebanese-inspired dish by stuffing the pocket with a mixture of traditional ingredients: grilled halloumi cheese, tomato sauce, minced lamb, za’atar, white onion and chilli flakes. Toss with za’atar and add yoghurt and you have yourself a 5-star Lebanese-inspired dish. After all, pita bread history dates back 4,000 years ago in the Middle East, so it’s only right.

Pita Bread Pizza

What is pita bread if not super doughy like a pizza? So, how to make pita bread pizza?

The pita bread pizza recipe is simple. Spread your pita bread with tomato puree and top with cheese (cheddar, parmesan, mozzarella – or all three) and herbs. Pop it in the oven until it’s crispy and the cheese has melted, and serve!

The great thing about pita bread pizza is that it is small in size and perfect for snacking.

Breakfast Pita Bread
If you were wondering “is pita bread healthy?” it’s completely down to what you put in it. Avocado and scrambled eggs are great fillers that are healthy but don’t compromise on flavour.

Mediterranean Pita Bread
Give your pita bread a Mediterranean makeover by adding staple Mediterranean ingredients. Toss together a salad of greens (lettuce, cucumbers, capsicum, tomatoes, carrots and garlic) and add chickpeas, feta, parsley and mint. Pop the salad into the pita pockets, and voila!

Leftover Pita Bread
You can fill pita bread with almost anything, so why not pile your leftovers into the pockets and have it for lunch the next day?

Add in whatever you had for dinner: meatballs, kidney beans and rice, stir-fry, etc. Anything goes! You can even grill your stuffed pitas to ensure the food melts well together, and to give your bread that crispy outer edge.

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