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6 Delicious Vegetarian Pizza Toppings That Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

The modern Australian pizza is a versatile beast. A melange of cultural crossovers in Australia has led to our food culture being a multi-national tapestry, where proud culinary histories of nations have met and now comfortably coexist in delicious harmony. At Manoosh we pride ourselves on producing traditional Lebanese-style pizzas with a distinctive modern twist.

This means we cater to a wide range of devotees, one being vegetarians who come to Manoosh specifically for our delicious vegetarian pizza options. Here are 6 delicious vegetarian pizza toppings that we use and love, and which keep vegos and meat-eaters alike coming back for more.

vegetarian pizza options

We understand that pizzas aren’t just for meat lovers so we have a wide range of vegetarian options on our menu too! Here are 6 vegetarian and vegan pizza toppings that are worth their weight in gold



The heart and soul of the pizza, cheese is one of the three core ingredients that constitute the beloved dish. While many vegetarians choose to eat cheese, it is definitely a no-go for vegans. Thankfully some incredibly talented culinary mad scientists have developed vegan cheese that is completely dairy-free; and frankly, we can’t tell the difference. We use Daiya vegan cheese that is 100% dairy free.

best haloumi inner west sydney


Theis delectable fungus has been a staple in pizza making for hundreds of years, dating back to one of the original Italian creations, the pizza caprocciosa – topped with baked ham, mushrooms, artichoke and tomato. Mushies are a fleshy, delicious and vitamin-rich addition to any pizza with a heavier texture and hearty taste. There are also many different varieties, each with their own different flavours and characteristics.

Vegetarian pizza options

Image source Norlan Cruz via Flickr


Feta is a delicious, exotic addition to any pizza and has found its way onto many of the different vego options on our menu. With a salty, rather sour taste and a soft, crumbly texture, fetta nicely offsets the heavier ingredients on a pizza, offering a fresh burt of flavour. And when there are a few olives thrown in the mix, it is a truly magical experience.

vegetarian pizza options

Image source Cara via Flickr


Sometimes a pizza needs a little kick, and amongst all of the chilli options, jalapeños are arguably the most delicious. Jalapeños are medium-sized chilli peppers, and despite their spicy complexion, are actually very fresh and fragrant. They are generally quite mild, and are appropriate for even the most sensitive chilli skeptics.

Jalapeño Heaven

Image source Todd Klassy via Flickr


The great divider. Olives are one of those you either love it or you hate it kind of foods, but if you’re a fan, can make all the difference to a pizza. For vegetarians, they can provide a well-needed salty twang to any pizza, and when cooked at high temperature in an oven, they are extremely juicy and soft. Olives are a major Mediterranean speciality and have found their way onto a variety of our pizzas.

vegetarian pizza options


A middle-eastern delight and perhaps the most mouth-watering vegetarian option available, haloumi has truly made its mark as a vego favourite in modern Australia cuisine. Its high melting point means it gets crispy rather than melts, and combined with its salty taste makes it a delicious vegetarian substitute for meat. Its rich flavour means its great in smaller quantities, and when scattered across a hot pizza, is truly a revelation.

vegetarian pizza option

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater, you won’t find a healthier, more delicious or authentic version of modern Lebanese pizza than right here at Manoosh. Simply order from us online or drop by and see us in person. We guarantee you will not be disappointed, Manoosh do some of the vegetarian food in the inner west!

Or if you’re after top quality mobile pizza catering, get in touch today!

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