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7 Lebanese Wraps and Pizzas You’ll Wish You Had Tried Earlier

Just when you thought Italy had the monopoly on pizza, Manoosh Pizzeria goes and changes the entire ballgame! Accompanying our traditional style pizzas is a smorgasbord of mouth-watering zaatar pizza and wraps just waiting for you to sink your teeth into. Here’s just seven of our delicious Lebanese bread pizzas and wraps that you are going to wish you had tried earlier……

The Folded Cheese Pizza
If you’re a fan of cheese, you need to try our Folded Cheese Pizza asap! This pizza is a combination of stringy mozzarella, tasty haloumi and soft fetta, all topped off with fragrant oregano. Bliss!

The Zaatar with Veggies
If you haven’t tried a zaatar pizza or wrap before, you haven’t lived! We start with a delicious zaatar bread base, top it with fresh tomato, onion, capsicum and olives – and then we wrap it all up! A feast you can hold in your hand.

The Zaatar with Labne
Our Zaatar with labne is irresistible! A zaatar base, with fresh labne (yogurt), olives, onion, tomato and mint leaves wrapped up inside.

The Folded Meat Pizza (Lahembajin)
Calling all carnivores! This Lebanese meat pizza packs a punch. Lean mince lamb and minced tomatoes and onions, combined with seven different herbs and spices and served with a wedge of lemon for good measure.

The Zaatar with Falafel
Falafel, a Lebanese classic! We wrap up our freshly made falafel with capsicum, onion, olives and tomato in zaatar so that you can eat your heart out – but not before we drizzle it all with delicious tahini!

The Folded Sujuk Pizza
A heart pizza guaranteed to satisfy the hungriest of customers. Sujuc (sausages) teamed with cheese, olives, capsicum and tomato will stop starvation in its tracks!

The Zaatar Beirut Style
This list wouldn’t be complete without Zaatar Beirut Style! Zaatar (the perfect combination of ground thyme, sesame seeds and sumac) cooked with sensational haloumi, fresh tomato and onion. We add some chilli flakes for an extra kick. That’s a wrap, folks!

So, what are you waiting for? Come discover Manoosh Pizzeria’s appetizing range of Lebanese wraps and pizzas – you’ll wish you had paid us a visit sooner!

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