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9 Must-Try Dipping Sauces For Your Pizza

If you’re the kind of person who eats pizza on its own and doesn’t dip it in anything, you’re seriously missing out. Especially if your pizza of choice is a classic Margarita.

There is an abundance of dips that can seriously enhance the flavours of your pizza toppings, and it’s time to experiment.

From the classic pizza dips like mayonnaise and BBQ sauce to more unusual variations, here are 10 pizza dipping sauces you have to try.

Get your pizza slice at the ready…

  1. Hummus dip – dipping pizza in hummus might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it works surprisingly well with vegetable-topped pizzas.
  2. Labneh dip – Labneh is a yoghurt-based dip, similar to cream cheese. It is perfect if your pizza topping is a little too spicy for your taste buds.
  3. Garlic dipping sauce – garlic mayonnaise is a pizza dip favourite, especially for super cheesy pizzas.
  4. Ranch dipping sauce – super creamy and herby, ranch dipping sauce is the perfect accompaniment so many pizza toppings.
  5. BBQ dip – BBQ sauce will add some sweetness to a smoked-meat pizza. (Note: your meaty pizza will most likely have BBQ sauce on-top already, but more can’t hurt.)
  6. Buffalo chicken chilli dip – this dip is made up of tender chicken, three cheeses, Buffalo sauce, chilli peppers and herbs and spices. Dip your pizza in this sauce for a real indulgence.
  7. Mayonnaise dip – mayonnaise is one of the most popular dipping sauces for pizza and is a gateway to more exciting dipping flavours.
  8. Peri Peri dip – Peri Peri dip is perfect for a Peri Peri pizza – enhancing those piping hot flavours for a taste explosion.
  9. Sweet chilli mayonnaise – this dip is the best of both worlds – smooth with kick. It’s definitely worth experimenting with this chilli dipping sauce.

Trying out these dipping sauces will open you up to a world of flavours, and might even urge you to experiment with different pizza toppings. What are you waiting for?

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