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Apple Have Patented a Design For Their Very Own Pizza Box

Apple have actually patented a design for their very own pizza box, which will supposedly keep pizza from going soggy.

Apple pizza box

Apple have patented a design for their very own pizza box that will supposedly keep pizza from going soggy.

Recently, Wired were allowed an inside look at the new Apple HQ. It was there they uncovered a new innovation – a pizza box that lets air and moisture escape, meaning it won’t be reabsorbed by the pizza, making it soggy.

Francesco Longoni, Apple’s Head of Food Services helped the tech giants develop the box. The patent describes a “container [that] is singularly constructed from a single piece of material” making it easy to stack for efficient storage.

The base will feature “gap[s] assisting in thermally isolating the food item and allowing moisture expelled from the food item to be transported away from the food item” to work in conjunction with a “moisture channeling feature integrally formed in the lid”, amongst other ‘innovative’ designs.

In true Apple fashion, the patent even describes various modifications which may be implemented, such as portions of the interior base that can be elevated to provide a “support platform” in order to prevent moisture from being trapped underneath.

Another modification suggests “The container can also include openings in the lid that allow steam to escape from the pizza. Allowing such steam to escape from within the container further ensuring that the pizza does not become soggy through the re-absorption of moisture.”

You can read the entire patent here, but be warned, it’s a long one.

See some of the designs below.

Apple Pizza Box

apple pizza box

apple pizza box

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