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Best Pizza in Sydney

Are you visiting or staying in Sydney and you want to try the best pizza offered in the region?

Pizza is one of the popular and loved dishes here in Sydney. Some of the best delicious pizzas are found in Sydney. From the chewy classic Neapolitan pizza to decent gluten-free bases and inventive vegan toppings, Sydney’s pizza houses provide all the variations. To help you decide on your next pizza treat, here is some information about the best pizza in Sydney.

1. Best pizza in Sydney

Most of the best pizza in Sydney comes under the Napoli style, characterised by an ultra-thin base and simple toppings like tomatoes and cheese. However, food in Sydney is always changing, and our appetite for the next big thing does not diminish. Other varieties like New York-style pizzas, with thick and crisp crust along the edge, can also be commonly consumed. Our rich history of multicultural identity adds to the variety of classic delicious pizzas. For instance, Lebanese pizza, has become a much loved category in its own right and is quite tasty.

2. Best pizza place in Sydney

Manoosh Pizzeria is in the top ten list of best pizza restaurants in Sydney. All styles of pizza are found here, including the tasty and most popular margarita. You are sure to enjoy another best pizza in Sydney, the crispy pepperoni pizza, with toppings all the way to the edge. Their garlic chicken pizza is so tasty with great toppings and delicious sauce. There are also meat, vegetarian, chicken and seafood menus. If you go with the Lebanese-style toppings, you will not be disappointed.

3. Best pizza delivery in Sydney

There are times when pizza delivery feels like the only option, especially those nights when you are too tired to cook or leave the house. Besides, it’s great having your pizza at home, preferably on your lap in front of your favourite film. You may also want pizza at home to share with a large party of friends. While there are so many places that make great pizzas, only a few can meet your needs when you need a stress-free meal option at home.

Best pizza near me. Manoosh Pizzeria offers the best pizza delivery service in Sidney that you can count on. With stores in various locations, that is, in Caringbah, Enmore, Marrickville and Waterloo, Manoosh’s fleet of scooters will quickly deliver your piping hot pizzas and wraps to your door. It just makes it so much easier to get your delightful mouth-watering pizzas while at the comfort of your home.

Looking for the best pizza place in Sydney?

Call Manoosh Pizzeria, an award winning pizza restaurant, serving and home delivering Sydney’s best freshly baked pizzas and yummy wraps. You will love Manoosh’s fresh, colourful ingredients and fragrant spices as well as the prompt delivery of your piping hot pizzas and wraps. Call us today on (02) 9131 4123 (Caringbah), (02) 9550 6606 (Enmore), (02) 9558 3006 (Marrickville), (02) 9698 7733 (Waterloo) or order your pizza online.

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