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Manoosh Blog

Want more FREE Pizza? OK here we go…

May 19, 2017

The Ooshman’s generosity seems to know no bounds as he continues make it rain pizza every month! From guessing the perfect pizza time to showing us where you eat yours (comp still open!), he’s now giving away another 5 pizzas to one luck Manoosher. Check out the video below:   All you have to do […]

Lebanese cuisine

The Flavours of Lebanon: Key Ingredients In Lebanese Cuisine

May 17, 2017

Lebanese cuisine has been around for thousands of years and yet, amazingly, little has changed since ancient times. Lebanese cooking still revolves around a core set of ingredients, with an emphasis on freshness and simplicity. It is a cuisine that epitomises authenticity to, and when something is done right from the start, there’s a reason […]

manoosh spotify

Manoosh And Spotify Are Teaming Up For The Spotify 5th Birthday Party!

May 17, 2017

The legends over at Spotify are gearing up to celebrate their 5th birthday at the Enmore Theatre this month, and we are thrilled to announce we’ll be providing the whole party with delicious Manoosh pizzas all night! Spotify are celebrating their 5th birthday this May and we will be supplying the entire party with delicious Manoosh pizzas […]

Insane New Menu Items! Cholula Hot Wings, 12 Hour Smoked Brisket & More

May 5, 2017

As many of our loyal customers will be aware, for the past few months the Ooshman has been feverishly working away on a groundbreaking, outrageously delicious new menu. The full menu isn’t quite ready yet but a few new teaser items are being rolled out while you wait. See below for the hottest new menu items […]

Vegan’s Rejoice! Daiya Vegan Cheese & Vegan Pepperoni Have Returned

May 5, 2017

Fear not, the Daiya vegan cheese draught is over. The Ooshman has personally intervened to solve the shipping crisis and we now have a huge shipment of vegan cheese and pepperoni ready for your joyful consumption. The dark times are over – Daiya vegan cheese and our vegan pepperoni have returned! If all this talk […]

Midweek Manoosh Lunch? New Earlier Store Opening Hours!

May 5, 2017

The people have spoken and the Ooshman has listened. The Enmore store now has earlier midweek opening hours. Thanks to the Ooshman, midweek lunches are about to get a whole lot tastier. Re-adjust your Manooshometer – From Wednesday 10th May we’re open from 11am until late, Every Wednesday to Sunday! See our updated opening hours […]

17 GIFs of Cheesy Pizza That Will Get You Drooling

May 3, 2017

Nothing is quite as satisfying as tucking into a piping hot pizza, picking up a slice and watching the gooey cheese just melt away. It’s mesmerising. In tribute to cheesy pizza, we’ve hunted around the internet for the gooiest GIFs that will undoubtably get your stomach rumbling. Don’t worry, Manoosh can sort you out, just drop by or […]


The Story of Mozzarella: Pizza’s Best Friend

April 27, 2017

Cheese makes or breaks a pizza. If it’s not juicy, gooey and melty then the results can be disastrous. Although there have been many attempts to improve on the original formula, mozzarella still reigns supreme as the perfect cheese for pizza. In fact, it has even been scientifically proven to out-perform cheddar, Colby, Edam, Emmental, Gruyere, and […]

pizza origins

4 Classic Pizzas and Their Origins

April 20, 2017

The history of pizza weaves its way throughout many different countries and cultures. No matter where you go in the world you will find a regional spin on pizza, from strange, exotic ingredients to classic toppings you’d know all too well. Despite the dish’s versatility there are few classics that have become staples in pizzerias […]

Show Us Where You Manoosh & Win Heaps of Free Pizza

April 18, 2017

After our last competition did so well, the Ooshman has decided to up the stakes and give away 20 FREE PIZZAS! Check out the video below:   All you have to do is show us where you Manoosh! Simply, take a photo of yourself eating Manoosh and share it in the comments on this Facebook video. The […]

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