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longest pizza

Man Vows To Break World Record With a 2km-Long Pizza

June 28, 2017

A man has vowed to break the record for the world’s longest pizza with a 2km beast, cooked in a 32-foot pizza oven. A man has vowed to break the record for the world’s longest pizza with a 2km beast, cooked in a 32-foot pizza oven. Fash Asvadi is a LA-based pizza oven importer and […]

Lebanese Herbs

Fresh and Vibrant Herbs In Lebanese Cooking

June 21, 2017

Lebanese cooking wouldn’t be quite the same without its utilisation of a wide array of vibrant herbs and spices. Where the latter impart the vivacious, earthy flavours that Lebanese cuisine is known for, its the herbs that make certain dishes really sing. Used deliciously in meats, salads and dips, Lebanese herbs like wild thyme and parsley […]

Apple pizza box

Apple Have Patented a Design For Their Very Own Pizza Box

June 14, 2017

Apple have actually patented a design for their very own pizza box, which will supposedly keep pizza from going soggy. Apple have patented a design for their very own pizza box that will supposedly keep pizza from going soggy. Recently, Wired were allowed an inside look at the new Apple HQ. It was there they […]

The Fascinating Maths Behind Why We Fold Our Pizzas

June 7, 2017

We’re all for diversity here at Manoosh. You’ll find something on our menu no matter what you like to eat, from classic pizzas to those with a Lebanese twist, traditional Lebanese food, heaps of vegan and vegetarian options, salads and desserts. However, there is one thing that we can count on all of our customers […]

Spotify 5th birthday

Check Out All The Action From Spotify’s 5th Birthday Party

May 30, 2017

Last week the folks over at Spotify threw an absolutely massive party at the Enmore Theatre to celebrate their 5th birthday. And we were thrilled to be there, keeping the whole party fed with Manoosh pizza all night. Last week Spotify celebrated their 5th birthday in style and we were there supplying the whole party with […]


An Ode to Olives: The Greatest Gift to Mankind

May 24, 2017

Olives are an ancient delicacy like no other. Whether eaten alone whole, or sliced and scattered on a pizza, the tiny fruit is a cornerstone in many food cultures around the world, particularly in the Middle East and Mediterranean. It is widely accepted that the olive was first cultivated in the Levant region of the […]

Manoosh spotify playlist

The Ultimate Spotify Playlist of Pizza Tunes

May 24, 2017

In case you didn’t hear, Spotify were celebrating their 5th birthday at the Enmore Theatre, and we provided the whole party with delicious Manoosh pizzas all night! To get everyone pumped for the event we put together an epic Spotify playlist of pizza-related tunes. Check it out below. Spotify are celebrated their 5th birthday and we provided […]

Want more FREE Pizza? OK here we go…

May 19, 2017

The Ooshman’s generosity seems to know no bounds as he continues make it rain pizza every month! From guessing the perfect pizza time to showing us where you eat yours (comp still open!), he’s now giving away another 5 pizzas to one luck Manoosher. Check out the video below:   All you have to do […]

Lebanese cuisine

The Flavours of Lebanon: Key Ingredients In Lebanese Cuisine

May 17, 2017

Lebanese cuisine has been around for thousands of years and yet, amazingly, little has changed since ancient times. Lebanese cooking still revolves around a core set of ingredients, with an emphasis on freshness and simplicity. It is a cuisine that epitomises authenticity to, and when something is done right from the start, there’s a reason […]

manoosh spotify

Manoosh And Spotify Are Teaming Up For The Spotify 5th Birthday Party!

May 17, 2017

The legends over at Spotify are gearing up to celebrate their 5th birthday at the Enmore Theatre this month, and we are thrilled to announce we’ll be providing the whole party with delicious Manoosh pizzas all night! Spotify are celebrating their 5th birthday this May and we will be supplying the entire party with delicious Manoosh pizzas […]

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