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If there is one thing that Manoosh have a reputation for it’s producing delicious, quality pizzas that are incredible value for money. Cheap pizza that is also fresh and tasty is hard to come by, but at Manoosh we pride ourselves on ticking both boxes with equal fervour.

Have a look at our menu here.

cheap pizza sydney

If there is one thing that Manoosh have a reputation for it’s producing delicious, quality pizzas that are incredible value for money. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer, cheap pizza and food beyond.

It goes beyond just cheap pizza too. We offer a huge range of great value eats that will suit the tastes of just about anybody, from our delicious vegan and vegetarian options, to authentic Lebanese classics food and street food, to delicious snacks, salads, dips and deserts. Let’s have a look at our cheap pizza options and what else is on offer at Manoosh.

Cheap Pizza

The word ‘cheap’ is often associated with poor quality, inexpensive ingredients and little concern for value. However, at Manoosh, these traits never enter the kitchen. When it comes to our pizzas, we use only the freshest ingredients, and our menu boasts a range of toppings, garnishes and home style food techniques.

There’s something for everyone too, from simple classics like the Margarita ($12), Hawaiian ($13) or our Pepperoni Burst ($14) which are all stacked with toppings and loaded with flavour; to more gourmet pizza options like The Orient ($17) or our Pirate’s Catch ($18).

We also offer a range of vegetarian and vegan options (with our Daiya vegan cheese) that are tastier and better value than anything else you’ll find out there. Try our Vegan’s Paradise ($17) or Vegelicious ($16)

None of our pizzas are over $18. Plus we have a bunch of specials running each and every week. Check them out here.

cheap pizza sydney

Something Different

If you’re not after a traditional pizza, we have a massive range of other cheap pizza options which will tickle your fancy.

Our folded pizzas are stuffed with ingredients like cheese, sujuk, olives, capsicum and tomato – none are over $8.

We also make traditional Lebanese lahembajin – a folded meat pizza with no cheese but a crispy base with of minced lamb, finely chopped tomatoes and onions which are then combined with a selection of 7 herbs and spices including paprika, peppers, cumin, cinnamon, parsley coriander and mint – just $7.

Another Lebanese street classic is our range of zaatar pizzas, topped with a range of ingredients like haloumi, vegies, labne, spinach, falafel. Or you can go Beirut style (zaatar cooked with haloumi, tomato, onion & chilli flakes). None are over $8.50!

cheap pizza

Not After a Pizza?

If you don’t feel like a pizza, we also have a range of delicious Lebanese wraps ($7-$8.50), pies filled with ingredients like pepperoni, haloumi or spinach or shawarma ($5.5-$8), delicious sides like falafel, kebbeh, cheesy balls and chicken wings ($6-$18), garlic breads ($3.50-$6), dips ($4.50) and salads ($7.50-$8.50) and deserts ($2-$12).

Cheap pizza is just the start of it at Manoosh – our menu is huge, with great value food options to satisfy any hunger. Have a look at our entire food menu here.

Give us a call right now. Simply order from us online or drop by and see us in person – we guarantee you will not be disappointed. Or if you’re after top quality mobile pizza catering, get in touch today!

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