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Finally There’s An App That Lets You Add Pizza To All Your Photos

Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and thought “this would look 10 times better if there was a slice of pizza in it?”

Well, Alicia Lu has, and it was a thought that led her on a wild journey towards making her own app: Pizzafy.


Check out Pizzafy, the app that lets you add realistic slices of pizza to any of your photos, however you like. Because everyone needs more pizza in their life.

The story goes like this.

One day, the 33 year-old amateur chef and food blogger decided she wanted to send her friends a picture of herself being rained on by pizza slices along with a caption saying, “Weekend forecast says 90% chance of pizza,” something she thought would involved no more than a click of a button. But Lu was shocked to find nothing in her app store that could do what she wanted.

“I figured if there was technology that could turn you into an anime deer or swap your face with someone else’s, surely there was an app that would allow you to insert photorealistic pizzas into photos,” Lu said in an expose by Forbes.

However, she wasn’t dismayed. Rather than waiting for someone else to take charge, Lu herself met up with a developer, Daniel Williams, through a mutual friend and pitched him the idea: an app that would let you incorporate pizza into your photos however you like. “A pizza fan himself, he was down, and we got started,” she said.

Together with William, Lu created Pizzafy from the ground up, taking her own photos of pizza slices from her local pizza place, Gino’s in Brooklyn, which she says makes “classic, quintessential pizzas”, as well as researching the ins and outs of starting a business and intellectual property laws.

Pizzafy is now avaliable on the app store for free and everyone should own it.

“I have never met anyone in my life who didn’t like pizza,” Lu says. “More than any other food, pizza is a cultural icon. It’s the one food that defines the current zeitgeist. It’s universally loved.”

We have to agree.

Check out the app on the app store and Pizzafy your life.

Have a look at some examples below:

pizzafy pizzafy

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Photos via Forbes and Food and Wine.

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