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From War Zones to Outer Space, Here Are The Most Bizarre Pizza Delivery Locations Ever

Here at Manoosh we love absolutely love the Inner West. It’s been our home since we set up shop in Enmore all those years ago, and when our Marrickville restuarant opened last year it only ingrained us more in the Inner West cultural landscape.

Delivering pizzas and delicious Lebanese food to locals is what we live for – but we thought we’d open our scope towards the wider world and take a look at some of the most bizarre pizza delivery locations ever. Yes, there are some weird ones.

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bizarre pizza deliveries

From actual war zones to under water and outer space, here are some of the most bizarre pizza delivery locations of all time.

A New Meaning To Space Food

In 2001, Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to astronaut Yuri Usachov and his team at the International Space Station – the only pizza ever delivered to outer space. It rode aboard a Russian rocket used to resupply the ISS.

The pizza was a 6-inch salami affair and it cost a casual $1 million to deliver.

Emergency Pizza

In 2014, a flight from Washington to Denver was diverted 100 miles off course because of hazardous weather conditions – nothing too out of the ordinary. However, the story made headlines that week when the pilot ordered pizzas for the entire plane and had them delivered right to the tarmac.

35 pizzas were made for the plane’s 160 passengers, who we can imagine would have pretty stoked at a hot cheesy meal before they jetted off for the second leg of their trip.

Award Winning Pizza Delivery

2014 was a huge year for weird pizza deliveries. Just a few months before said hero pilot ordered those pizzas for his passengers, Ellen DeGeneres placed an order for 35 hot ones for some of her friends – at The Oscars.

Early in the broadcast of the 86th Academy Awards, Degeneres, who hosted the night, joked about having pizza delivered to the celebrity crowd. A little while later, she surprised the audience by having several boxes from Los Angeles pizzeria Big Mama’s & Papa’s brought out on stage.

Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Jared Leto, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale and Martin Scorsese all helped themselves to a slice. Leonardo DiCaprio declined (we’re sure his nerves were just racked).

The delivery guy ended up getting a cheeky $1000 tip. We reckon he’d be pretty happy with the whole affair to be perfectly honest.

bizarre pizza deliveries

A Slice of Home

In 2012, a group called Pizzas 4 Patriots sent 30,0000 pizzas to the United States Army who were stationed at the Kandahar Airfield, Bagram Airbase and Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.

The 12 inch pizzas were made by Great Kitchens, Inc. in Illinois. The delivery started on 21 June 2012 and went for almost two weeks. Pizzas 4 Patriots said they wanted to give the soldiers a “slice of home” on Independence Day (4th of July).

According to the Guinness Book of Records, this was the largest pizza delivery ever.

Presidential Pizza

This isn’t a traditional delivery per se, more like a pizza-maker delivery.

Back in 2009, US president Obama got a little craving for his favourite pizza: Sommers’s (from a restaurant in Missouri). The president first tasted the pizza while campaigning there the previous year. At the request, Sommer offered deliver a few frozen pizzas to the president after the election, but was told he couldn’t send food to the White House due to security restrictions. Instead, Obama’s team arranged to have the pizza chef bring himself, 20 pounds of dough and 10 litres of sauce to the White House to be cooked there.

“It will be casual lunch,” said Sommers. “Hopefully we’ll have a chance to say hello to the president.”

Deep Sea Delivery

We’ve seen a pizza delivered into space – no doubt an amazing feat – but this man delivers to customers under the sea almost every week.

Rob Doyle works for Tower of Pizza in Key Largo, Florida. Each time he gets an order from the local underwater hotel, Jules’ Undersea Lodge, he dons his scuba gear and plops into the ocean to make his delivery. That’s commitment.

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