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Indulge in the Delicious BBQ Chicken Pizza with Sauce & Toppings at Manoosh

The only thing that beats a hot, fresh BBQ pizza is a hot, fresh BBQ chicken pizza! It is a relatively new face on the scene, compared to staples like the Margarita or Pepperoni pizza. It was first invented in Los Angeles during the 1980s, by the famous pizza chef Ed LaDou. Today, it’s an easy choice to make for lovers of chicken when they peruse the menu at any reputable pizza parlour.

Lucky for you, and all pizza fanatics who dwell near Enmore and Marrickville, Manoosh Pizzeria is one such eatery. We produce a huge range of delicious pizzas, wraps, sides and desserts that caters to all tastes. So, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or a die-hard carnivore, you’ll never leave Manoosh Pizzeria with an empty stomach.

Our two main styles of pizzas are Traditional Style and Lebanese Style. This BBQ chicken pizza recipe falls under the ‘Traditional’ category. Make no mistake, ‘traditional’ is never synonymous with ‘boring’ when it comes to the menu at Manoosh Pizzeria. Our traditional pizzas are a mouth-watering smorgasbord of fresh ingredients and sensational flavour combinations, so you’ll always be satisfied.

Our BBQ chicken pizza toppings are no exception to the quality ingredients that our Manoosh Pizzeria team use. You’ll find that hot, stringy cheese, fresh onion and mushroom and, of course, tender chicken await you when you order this masterpiece. And to top it all off (quite literally) we drizzle our irresistible BBQ pizza sauce over your slices.

If you haven’t tried our BBQ Chicken Pizza, you’re seriously missing out! Next time you’re dining in with us, or getting fresh, hot pizza delivered right to your door, add our amazing chicken pizza to your order. Better yet, have our pizzas on hand when you next need catering for your event! It’s such a crowd pleaser, you’re bound to understand the hype from the first bite!

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