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Insane New Menu Items! Cholula Hot Wings, 12 Hour Smoked Brisket & More

As many of our loyal customers will be aware, for the past few months the Ooshman has been feverishly working away on a groundbreaking, outrageously delicious new menu. The full menu isn’t quite ready yet but a few new teaser items are being rolled out while you wait. See below for the hottest new menu items coming to your nearest store any day now.

From Cholula hot sauce wings, to 12 hour smoked beef brisket – the new Manoosh menu is going to be serious lit

The following new items are hitting the menu:

– Wings on fire – spicy coated delicious chicken wings with a hot buffalo Cholula sauce drizzled on top.

– Chicken thigh kebab sticks – Chicken thigh kebab sticks perfectly marinated in Lemon pepper or a Satay sauce served with a freshly baked bread.

– Lamb kebab sticks – Marinated Lamb kebab sticks served with a hot bread and a lemon wedge

– Crumbed breast tenderloin for our wraps

– 12 hour smoked beef brisket

– Improved Lamb Kebbeh and Sambousik

If all this talk of menu items is causing you to consider running naked down the street in celebration, why not drop by Manoosh or order online, and if you haven’t already, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay in the loop.

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