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Manoosh’s Lebanese Pizzas go Back to the Old School

Stop the press! There’s some hot new Pizza news direct from Manoosh HQ!

Manoosh pizzeria has a new (old) way of serving Lebanese style pizzas.

For the past 7 years we have been serving our Lebanese style Meat pizza (Lahembajin) Sujuk Pizza, Kufta Pizza and Cheese Pizza in a box open flat like a pizza.

Once we open our new store in Marrickville (if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard about the new store, read this) we will be going back to the traditional way of folding the pizza and wrapping it.


Along with our new restaurant, comes a new way of serving our classic Lebanese style Pizzas, and there’s a lot of benefits to this too…

Not only is this cool because it’s the traditional way of serving, but look at all the benefits!

✓ Green for the environment as we are using less cardboard
✓ Traditional way of serving a Lebanese pizza
✓ Guaranteed to stay warmer 4 times longer as the pizza is folded on top of eachother and isn’t exposed to air. Being light with less toppings will go cold faster, however this way will keep it warmer.
✓ Easier to eat
✓ Easier to pack away in a bag for lunch/dinner
✓ Less boxes meaning less space taken up
✓ Can put in a bag when taking home so easier to carry while walking or riding a bike

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