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What are the Best Pizza Restaurants Near Me?

Do you constantly ask yourself the question ‘where can l find the best pizza restaurant near me?’ We have the answer.

Pizza is still the favourite takeaway option for Australians nationwide, therefore being able to get the best pizza, hassle-free is very important. Knowing just how much you love your pizza, we at Manoosh Pizzeria, have devised a streamlined delivery system to ensure that you get your pizzas and wraps piping hot as and when you make an order.

1. Best pizza restaurant

Named the best takeaway restaurant in Australia, Manoosh Pizzeria takes great care in consistently making delicious home-style pizza from the freshest ingredients and traditional recipes. Inspired by the Lebanese heritage of owner and founder Charlie Hoyek, you’ll love the freshly cooked meals and fragrant spices. The menu is great with lots of options for all dietary requirements at reasonable prices.

2. Various locations

Manoosh Pizzeria has stores in Caringbah, Enmore, Marrickville and Waterloo, with friendly staff and quality service. Manoosh’s fleet of scooters will quickly deliver your piping hot pizzas and wraps anywhere, anytime. You can order your pizza online using our online ordering system.

3. Caringbah location

Offering great pizza service to Caringbah and Shire, Manoosh Pizzeria’s modern take on traditional classics continues to satisfy customers both near and far. Our pizza is rated the best in the area by far. The pizza base is perfect and boasts unique flavours. The traditional Lebanese style pizza toppings include fragrant Za’atar, fresh labne, and spiced lamb.

4. Enmore location

Since opening its doors in Enmore in 2008, Manoosh has evolved into Sydney’s number one provider of Lebanese baked goods and pizzas. Conveniently located, Manoosh is the leading pizzeria among the Enmore Road restaurants, bringing to the inner west, some serious classic and Lebanese pizza action. We have been delivering piping hot delicious traditional dishes and pizza in Enmore for years.

5. Marrickville location

If you are around Marrickville, Manoosh Pizzeria offers yet another great pizza restaurant near you. The pizza shop has been serving hot and tasty pizzas and wraps for over four years. Whether you choose the classic Margarita or Hawaiian pizza, or you go for something more traditional like our meat pizza-folded or three cheese pizza-folded dishes, you will never be disappointed.

6. Waterloo location

If you are craving some delicious pizza in Waterloo, Manoosh Pizzeria can prepare and deliver mouth-watering options. We’ve been delivering our fresh pizzas in and around Waterloo in record time much to our customer’s delight. Try our famous Lebanese style wraps and pizzas with our garlic or eggplant dips or just go for the equally delicious traditional Lebanese pizzas.

Looking for the best pizza restaurant near you?

Call Manoosh Pizzeria, an award-winning pizza restaurant, serving and home delivering Sydney’s best freshly baked pizzas and yummy wraps. You will love Manoosh’s fresh, colourful ingredients and fragrant spices as well as the prompt delivery of your piping hot pizzas and wraps. Call us today on (02) 91314123 (Caringbah), (02) 95506606 (Enmore), (02) 95583006 (Marrickville), (02) 96987733 (Waterloo) or order your pizza online.

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