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Public Service Announcement: Now You Can Order Direct & Get Special Offers!

Check it out, you can now check out direct from Manoosh online rather than having to trawl through any third party sites – and we’re passing the benefits directly to our loyal customers in the form of special offers for orders made directly through the site.


That’s right we’re coming up with a range of special offers and promo codes for those who order direct from the Manoosh website!

This has come straight from the top – from the Oosh Man himself – He’s become particularly animated since the announcement of our new menu, new website, and new location – He can now be found preaching the great word of Manoosh in full silver screen glory in an ad at the Dendy cinema Newtown – click here if you want to learn more about your humble pizzaiolo’s journey from flatness to greatness.

If all this talk of developing complex native online ordering frameworks is making your stomach growl –  drop by Manoosh or order online, and if you haven’t already, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay in the loop.

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