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The Best Pizza Toppings List & Combinations, According to Experts

Do you want to know what the best pizza topping combinations are?

There is no doubting that pizza is among the world’s most popular fast foods. What’s neat about pizza is that it can be customised and tailored to suit your individual taste. With so many topping variations to choose from, there is always something for everyone. We’ve done a little digging to find the best pizza topping combinations. Here is list of what the experts have to say.

1. Ham and pineapple

This pizza topping needs no introduction. Simply say ‘Hawaiian pizza’ and everyone knows what you’re talking about. Here at Manoosh we love using smoked leg ham and that’s what you’ll find when you order our extremely popular Hawaiian Pizza.

2. Bacon and shrimp

Give us bacon any day and we’ll be happy. But bacon and shrimp? Heaven! Experts swear by this combo and say it’s definitely a must-try during your summer cookouts. We couldn’t agree more. We have a variety of shrimp pizza options for you to try out including our Spicy Prawns and Chorizo and King Garlic Prawn’s pizza.

3. Barbecue sauce and chicken

Another best pizza topping combination, according to experts, is barbecue sauce and chicken. Here, tomato sauce is swapped for barbecue sauce to give a delicious barbecue chicken pizza, offering a whole new way of experiencing this favourite summertime food. In addition to chicken, fresh peppers, onions, and other vegetables can be added for extra flavour. Keen to try out such a pizza? Check out our BBQ Chicken or Chilli Chicken pizza.

4. Taco toppings

Taco toppings offer one of the best pizza topping combinations, especially for those who love Mexican food. Combining the ingredients in tacos and spreading them on top of a hot and spicy sauce, gives the ultimate taco pizza or Mexican treat. But who needs tacos when you can get Manoosh’s specialty wraps? Choose from our menu featuring over six different, yummy wraps.

5. Spinach, eggplant, and mushroom

This pizza topping adds good health benefits to your pizza with leafy greens like spinach, chargrilled eggplant, and mushrooms. The spinach is crispy, the fresh tomato scintillating, and the kalamata olives give that Mediterranean flair which all combine to give this meal an enjoyable texture combination. Try any one of our Vegans Paradise or Vegelicious pizzas for a full-on veggie fest.

6. Garlic and ranch

If you love to dip your pizza in ranch dressing, then ranch and garlic are the ultimate pizza toppings for you. You can order a special homemade garlic ranch sauce in place of red sauce for your pizza. We’ve got plenty of dips to accompany any of your wraps and pizzas:  Hommus, garlic, Labne or Babaghannouj. Just ask in store for more information.

Looking for the best pizza place in town?

Call Manoosh Pizzeria, an award-winning pizza restaurant, serving and home delivering Sydney’s best freshly baked pizzas and yummy wraps. Browse from our list and choose your best pick. You will love Manoosh’s fresh, colourful ingredients and fragrant spices as well as the prompt delivery of your piping hot pizzas and wraps. Residents of Caringbah can call us on (02) 9131 4123. If you’re in Enmore dial (02) 9550 6606. If you live in Marrickville contact us on (02) 9558 3006. If you stay in Waterloo reach us on (02) 9698 7733. Alternatively you can order your pizza online.

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