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The Fascinating Maths Behind Why We Fold Our Pizzas

We’re all for diversity here at Manoosh. You’ll find something on our menu no matter what you like to eat, from classic pizzas to those with a Lebanese twist, traditional Lebanese food, heaps of vegan and vegetarian options, salads and desserts. However, there is one thing that we can count on all of our customers doing: folding their pizza.

Folding is a classic technique that stops your pizza from going everywhere, and it makes it easier to tuck into with some urgency (we all know that feeling). But did you know that, mathematically, it is the best way to eat pizza?

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Find out how a genius theory from 19th century German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss explains why folding your pizzas slices is the best way to eat them.

How so? This video from Numberphile explains it all. It’s based on a theory by 19th century German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss called the ‘Remarkable Theorem’ and why we endeavour to achieve “zero Gaussian curvature” when eating our pizzas.

Ready to test the ‘Remarkable Theorum’ yourself? Why don’t you drop by Manoosh or order from us online for some of the the best pizza in Sydney. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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