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The Oosh Man Lends a Hat & Other Stories

Even though he’s such a busy guy – the Oosh Man is always there when you need him most. Any time we’re under the pump, the Oosh Man will turn up with his world famous hat – lending it to our hardworking staff when they need a boost. It’s been said that wearing the Oosh Man’s hat can improve pizza making speeds by up to 1000%* (*Not scientifically tested).

Ooshman Hat

Not only does the Oosh Man’s hat appear to have special properties – is he also starting a trend?

In other hot new Manoosh news, we also have the latest pictures of the pimped out new delivery fleet (including extra hi-vis helmets and vests):

Pizza Delivery Scooter

Delivery Scooter

If all this talked of awesome hats and pimped out pizza mobiles is making you so hungry you can only communicate in pizza toppings, drop by Manoosh or order online, and if you haven’t already, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay in the loop.

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