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Top 10 Lip-Smacking Pizza Crusts That Will Blow Your Mind

Sure, we all get excited about our pizza toppings, but nothing beats an amazing crust! The humble pizza crust doesn’t get nearly enough good press as it deserves – so here are ten lip-smacking styles of pizza crust that are sure to blow you away (and work up your appetite!)

1. Cauliflower Pizza Crust
A delicious, healthy pizza crust that is low-carb! Cauliflower pizza crust has become increasingly popular as we’ve all become more health conscious. A large cauliflower gets blended until it resembles cous-cous. It’s baked for 15 minutes, and then the water is squeezed out with cheesecloth. You’re left with a gorgeous dough to construct a delicious pizza crust with

2. Gluten Free Pizza Crust
Yay! Finally, a crust for the gluten-intolerant. Gluten-free pizza crust means than everyone can enjoy a mouth-watering pizza.

3. Thin Pizza Crust
The thin pizza crust is ultra-traditional. Crispy and delicate, you’ll find you can fit in more sumptuous pizza when you have a thinner crust in front of you.

4. Stuffed Crust Pizza
Possible the King of Crusts, stuffed crust pizza is a wonderful modern edition to the pizza world. Stuffed crust can contain mushrooms, cheese – basically, any pizza topping can be used to fill up a gorgeous flaky crust.

5. Wood Fired Pizza Crust
Wood-fired pizza crust captures that irresistible smoky flavour of the oven. It doesn’t get any better than that heavenly, charcoal crunch.

6. Deep Dish Pizza Crust
Instantly recognisable, the deep-dish pizza is characterised by a very high edge. More room for cheese and extra toppings.

7. Vegan Pizza Crust
Another inclusive pizza crust that lets our vegan friends take a bite of the action! No animal products in sight.

8. Zaatar Pizza Crust
Middle Eastern herbs go so well with pizza, so a Zaatar pizza crust is a guaranteed party for your taste buds.

9. Focaccia Style Crust
Nothing like a thick focaccia crust infused with herbs and olive oil to give your meal that savory flavour.

10. Double Crust Pizza
Also known as a Calzone, because the crust is folded over to make a pizza pocket. This is truly one for the crust lovers!

Next time you order a pizza, opt for one of these incredible crusts and really vamp up your meal!

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