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Vegetarian Restaurants in Sydney | Vegetarian Restaurants Near You

Are you searching for the best vegetarian restaurant in Sydney?

It can really be frustrating to stay clear of meat and meat products, especially when vegetarian food is an afterthought on many menus, with just two or three uninspiring dishes to choose from. This is however changing. As more people embrace vegan eating, vegetables are hot property in contemporary fine-dining. Sydney’s own Manoosh Pizzeria is one such restaurant that not only makes vegetarian meals exciting, but offer a substantial meat-free selection that rises well above the token mushroom risotto. Here is why Manoosh Pizzeria is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Sydney.

1. Why choose Manoosh Pizzeria?

Manoosh Pizzeria is an award winning pizza restaurant, with restaurants in Caringbah, Enmore, Marrickville and Waterloo. Known for their dreamy Lebanese-style pizzas and wraps made with the freshest ingredients, Manoosh Pizzeria vegetarian meals are sure to leave you asking for more. Manoosh has plenty of seating, so if you are not on a strict carb diet and loves everything about Middle Eastern meals, why not tuck into vegetarian Lebanese soul food at any of Manoosh Pizzeria’s locations. You can even order your meals online.

2. Vegetarian restaurant near you

Manoosh Pizzeria offers a variety of premium options for gluten free customers, vegetarians and vegans too. Recognising the diverse range of the diet preferences of their customers, Manoosh sources the finest vegan cheeses and other vegan food ingredients as well as gluten free pizza base. The vegan range of pizzas and wraps is now so popular, becoming Manoosh’s number one bestseller. Since Manoosh was founded on the traditional foods of Lebanon, the menu continues to feature an authentic mix of Lebanese inspired dishes and most of the ingredients used in Middle Eastern cooking such as zaatar, haloumi, olives, pickles, hommous, labneh.

3. Great variety of vegetarian menu

As one of the favourite Sydney pizzeria, you can look forward to Manoosh’s delicious whole meal vegetarian pizza, such as margarita, vegelicious and Manoosh vegetarian. Go for our highly recommended Manoosh vegetarian, with its fresh tomato, haloumi cheese, mushroom, green capsicum, kalamata olives and white onion topped with mozzarella, feta cheese and garlic olive oil, with your choice of our Zaatar or tomato sauce base, and you will never be disappointed. Manoosh’s vegan wraps such as the freshly baked zaatar wrap topped with haloumi cheese, tomato, grilled white onion and chilli flakes are all great.

The pies, such as haloumi cheese pie, are a delight. The vegan garlic bread, which is basically Lebanese bread sprinkled with oregano, toasted and then spread with Manoosh’s in-house garlic sauce, is excellent. To top it all, Manoosh’s exquisite vegan desserts are a perfect ending of a healthy and relaxing vegetarian or vegan meal, making it one of the truly top of the range vegetarian restaurants in Sydney

Are you ready for the best vegetarian meal in Sydney?

Contact Manoosh Pizzeria today for the most delicious healthy meal, value for your money and great service. You will love Manoosh’s fresh, colourful ingredients and fragrant spices as well as the prompt delivery of your piping hot pizzas and wraps.

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