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What are Lebanese Desserts? 7 Scrumptious Examples

Few cultures can compare to the Lebanese when it comes to desserts, because a big part of traditional Lebanese food involves our wide array of delicious and decadent treats, but what are Lebanese desserts? Here we take a brief look at a few of our many unforgettable options.

Lebanese Desserts

There is no better way to top off a great meal than with a tasty dessert and once you have tried Lebanese sweets you will never go back


While baklava is believed to have been created by the Assyrians of Mesopotamia sometime around the 8th Century BC, every culture in the region has their own special version, including the Lebanese. Our baklava is sweet, flaky and we have dozens of different types – each one typically includes multiple layers of super thin pastry, a filling of chopped walnuts, pine nuts or almonds, and a drizzling of honey on top.

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If you like doughnuts you will adore Awamat as these are little balls of dough that are fried until crispy and golden before being coated with sweet syrup and served. These simple sweets are often found at large celebrations, such as weddings or birthdays, and are popular with kids and adults alike.


This traditional Lebanese dessert is one of our most popular. The body of this dessert features a cake-like element made from semolina, sugar and butter (often infused with orange blossom and rose water) and it is topped with a light cream mixture known as eshta or ashta. For a classy finishing touch, pistachios, almonds and pine nuts are roasted, crushed and sprinkled on top.


These popular pastries are often served during Ramadan and look somewhat like a stuffed, folded pancake. While the pastry itself is a definite highlight it is the filling that will leave you in a state of bliss, as it is an exquisite mixture of Akkawi cheese, walnuts, pistachios, raisins, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon.


Nummoora is a type of slice made from semolina, sugar, yoghurt, butter and a little baking powder and you will find a large plate of these popular treats at any Lebanese celebration. This traditional dessert is almost always topped with an almond on each slice and is usually served with a drizzling of warm syrup.

Halawet el jibn

The name of this dessert translates to mean “the sweetness of cheese” and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Particularly popular in Northern Lebanon, Halawet el jibn features a unique type of dough made from semolina and cheese that is rolled to encase a cream filling. This decadent dessert is then topped with a drizzling of sweet syrup and a sprinkling of crushed pistachios.


This fast and easy dessert has been described as a type of Lebanese rice pudding. It is made by heating milk, sugar and a hint of orange blossom water, before adding pulverized rice (or rice flour) and stirring the mix as it slowly thickens. Flavourings such as orange blossom essence are also often added. Once thickened, the mixture is strained into bowls or glasses and refrigerated before being topped with chopped pistachios and served.

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There is no better way to top off a great meal than with a tasty dessert and once you have tried Lebanese sweets you will never go back. If you’d like to try the best baklavas in Sydney, simply drop by Manoosh or order from us online.

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