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What Beverage Goes Best With Pizza?

Are you wondering which beverage to pair with your favourite pizza?

Pizza is one of the world’s most loved foods that deserves the perfect beverage to go along with it. When you think of the drink pairings that can accompany pizza, it is hard to know which one will best complement the pizza you’re planning to eat, with so many different types of beverages to choose from. Here is a guide on the beverage that goes best with pizza.

1. Grape juice

Pairing drinks with pizza is all about the sauce and pizza toppings. If your pizza has a tomato sauce base, you can have it with a glass of red grape juice. Red grape juice can handle the acidity of the tomatoes and helps expose the complex flavours within the sauce. For pizzas that have cheese and a white base such as our Margarita and Garlic Chicken pizzas, choose white grape juice, lemonade, or lemon seltzer.

2. What cocktail goes with pizza?

A pizza meal can be taken up a higher notch with the right cocktail-pizza combination. The beauty of pizza is that it is versatile as no single cocktail goes with all pizzas. It is best to concentrate on the pizza’s key toppings when pairing with mixed drinks. Our classic Six Meats pizza is one of the pizzas that pairs well with most cocktails.

3. Negroni cocktail plus traditional pizzas

A Negroni cocktail features one part gin, one part sweet red vermouth and one part bitters, stirred with ice and a few slices of orange. This classic mixed drink allows the bitter and sweet flavours of the cocktail to mingle with the acidity of the tomato sauce and the subtle sweetness of the mozzarella cheese. Negroni cocktails also pair very well with Margarita pizzas.

4. Daiquiris plus meat pizzas

Heavy-meat pizzas such as our Six Meats, Pepperoni Burst and BBQ Chicken can be paired well with the old-fashioned daiquiris to offset the savoury meat with a sweet, tangy drink. For a simple but flavourful lime daiquiri, you can mix two parts rum with one part lime juice and a dash of simple syrup or sweetener. Lime daiquiris go very well with mixed-meat pizzas.

5. Whiskey-ginger cocktail

For simple pizzas such as our tasty Manoosh Vegetarian and Vegelicious options, pair them up with a whiskey-ginger cocktail. This can be made by simply mixing two parts whiskey and one part ginger ale over ice. This cocktail drink mimics the fizzy simplicity and slight spiciness of cola offering a simple, pizza pairing.

6. Rum-grapefruit plus vegetable pizzas

For pizzas that feature more complex, bitter flavours, such as savoury or exotic vegetables, like chive, try a rum-grapefruit cocktail. This can be a mixture of one part grapefruit juice, one part bitters, one part spiced rum and a splash of lime for pizzas with a bold clash of flavours, such as our Vegans Paradise, New Mexico, and Mediterranean Beef pizzas.

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