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Why We Love Delivering Pizza in Marrickville

We are extremely happy with our recent addition to the Manoosh family: our Marrickville restaurant. We love delivering pizza in Marrickville – one of Sydney’s most vibrant multicultural areas – and contributing to its diverse food culture.

pizza in marrickville

We love delivering pizza in Marrickville. It’s one of Sydney’s most vibrant up-and-coming suburbs for arts and culture and this is reflected in the awesome array of food there, including Manoosh!

In the Post-war period low rental prices and proximity to jobs in the area meant that tonnes of European migrants settled in Marrickville. Throughout the 70s the population continued to grow, home to a massive array of cultures, from Thai and Vietnamese to Greek and Italian.

Since the mid-2000s, gentrification has seen some massive changes in the cultural landscape of Marrickville. As massive influx of young professionals, students, artists and musicians has seen the cultivation of more a bohemian vibe across the area. Some people have even gone so far as to call it, the “new Newtown” (we love delivering pizza in Newtown too!).

This has spurred on an even bigger growth in the amount of cafes and restaurants in Marrickville looking to cater for this adventurous, culturally-diverse crowd that we love delivering to everyday.

These days there is a massive selection of cheap eats in Marrickville from any corner of the food world. At Manoosh we are proud to contribute to this hotpot of cultures, offering up a selection of Lebanese street food, traditional Lebanese classics, modern gourmet pizzas, an array of vegetarian and vegan options and desserts you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

If you live in Marrickville or are simply dropping by the area to experience what it has to offer, be sure to give us a try. Give Manoosh a call right now. Simply order from us online or drop by and see us in person – we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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