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Why We Love Delivering Pizza in Wolli Creek

Wolli Creek is one of our newest delivery areas. We love delivering pizza in Wolli Creek – the whole suburb is expanding massively and we are stoked to be a part of such a vibrant up-and-coming neighbourhood.

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We love delivering pizza in Wolli Creek; the whole suburb is expanding so quickly and that means that more and more people will be needing pizza!

For years Wolli Creek was mainly an industrial area until it was considered for mass redevelopment in the 90s. The suburb sits snugly mid-way between the CBD and Sydney Airport, meaning that it was the perfect place to be built up for residential purposes.

The new suburb was initially to be called North Arncliffe, but residents put their foot down, petitioning for it to called something a bit better. Wolli Creek was the most popular choicce – named after the stream of water to the north of the area – it officially became a suburb in 2002.

pizza in wolli creek

Since then there have been loads of new apartments put up, parks cleaned and trimmed for use by residents, and most importantly for us, shopping villages built, providing central spaces for an array of new restaurants and cafes to set up shop. Now more and more people in the area are craving interesting and delicious food, and the demand for pizza in Wolli Creek there has never been higher.

These days there is a much bigger selection of good food in Wolli Creek and we are proud to contribute to this hotpot of cultures, offering up a selection of Lebanese street food, traditional Lebanese classics, modern Australian pizzas, an array of vegetarian and vegan options and desserts you won’t be able to find anywhere else (our vegan baklava is the best).

If you live in Wolli Creek or are simply dropping by the area to experience what it has to offer, be sure to give us a try. Give Manoosh a call right now. Simply order from us online or drop by and see us in person – we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Or if you’re after top quality mobile pizza catering, get in touch today!

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