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Why We Love Lebanese Food

We are absolutely infatuated by Lebanese food. It’s a rare kind of cuisine that is both delicious and healthy across the board and it inspires pride across the entire country. Traditional Lebanese traditions has snuck its way into modern food culture across the entire world too, birthing some delicious multicultural cross overs – such as our pizza. We are blessed in Australia to have some of the best Lebanese food options widely available and Manoosh are incredibly proud to be a part of that.

lebanese food

Lebanese food is absolutely incredible, with a deluge of modern and traditional flavours crossing over to create one of the best cuisines in the world.  Here why we love Lebanese food.

It’s Healthy

Lebanese cuisine has always utilised fresh local ingredients, ensuring that you get the maximum nutritional benefits from every bite. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and proteins form the foundations of traditional Lebanese food which are then embellished by an array of fresh spices.

Lebanese cooking is all about the use of olive oil instead of butters or fats, which reduces cholesterol intake. We also favour brown rice or lentils over other starches like heavy potatoes, noodles or white bread. Finally, the chick pea is a hero – adored for its amazing health benefits – in Lebanese cooking (think falafel and hummus). It is pure, natural cooking.
lebanese food

It’s Delicious

All of these fresh, healthy ingredients are in no way boring either. Although relatively simple and grassroots in nature, Lebanese cuisine is incredibly delicious. The heart of flavour in Lebanese food is spice. The spices used in traditional Lebanese cuisine make it truly irresistible – from the well-rounded flavours of za’atar and baharat to the tang of sumac, through to the freshness of mint and the sweetness of cardamom.

Every one of our spices plays a vital role in creating that authentic Lebanese taste. Add this to a deluge of core ingredients like chick peas, lamb, fresh veggies, grilled cheeses and fried sujuk and you have some damn tasty food.


lebanese food

It’s Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

Lebanese food doesn’t deliberate when it comes to favouring meat or veggies, it strikes a perfect balance between the two. There are a plethora of vegetarian and vegan choices in our cuisine, whih can be eaten alone or with some delicious meats on the side. Hummus, falafel, manoushe, tabbouleh and pumpkin kebbeh are just a few of the delicious vegetarian dishes that are synonymous with Lebanese culture.

If you’re not across Lebanese food yet, you are truly missing out. It’s one of the most wholesome, satisfying cuisines out there to cook and eat. Manoosh are plating up some of the best traditional Lebanese food, vegetarian Lebanese food in Sydney and what we think is the best pizza in Sydney too. If you would like to try it, drop by Manoosh or order from us online. We guarantee you will love everything.

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